Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few month ago a Hello Kitty pen I got as a sweet present from Jack,
just set me back to age 6 within seconds! It smells of pink strawberry
and I don´t mean that aromatheraphy type-o smell, I mean the real
pungent, oldschool, cotton candy, carcinogenic 80´s colours kind!

© Julia Schoierer

I guess it´s natural that odours, shapes and colours from my youth trigger
a special sense of sentimental value. It would be rediciulus to deny that
they influence many nuances of my taste, concerning just about anything.
Therefore it´s no surprise to me, that I consider sneakers from 86-92
most intresting...
but I don´t just love sneakers.
I admire any form of good design
, whether it is for cars, fashion, furniture,
jewelry or just some funky kind of knick-knack!
Especially if it´s from Germany of course.
Therefore I would like to share another passion of mine!
Find the common denominator...


  1. the 80´s?
    the color people?
    the vinyls?
    i give up!

  2. BVSMP das hies bei uns immer BITTE VERBRENNEN SIE MEINE PLATTEN. wenn das einer im riverboat gespielt hat, damals als man noch mit der kutsche gefahren ist und elektrisches licht noch ein wunder war und berlin insgesamt nur drei telefonnummer hatte.... ahhh die gute alte zeit ;)



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