Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Jordan 1 & 2 Hybrid

A little remembered fact about the Air Jordan 1 was, that Nike 
experimented on the shoe cushioning with several different styles and 
molds. There are samples of the Air Jordan 1 that have a Nike Dunk sole 
(and a PE version with Air cushioning), but given that the Dunk and the 
Air Jordan 1 are a lot alike, this is not an outstanding experiment. 
A more interesting hybrid is the Air Jordan 1 with an Air Jordan 2 sole 
that Michael Jordan wore for a few games during his rookie seasons. 
The model would never release of course, and it was later revealed that 
the new sole design was for the much more refined and stylish sequel. 
Based on some recent developments, it appears that the Air Jordan 1 
hybrid could potentially release in 2015, so stay tuned.
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