Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A visit at the Adidas Archive

When I visited Herzogenaurach to contribute to the 50 years of 
Superstar exhibition, I of course could not stop myself from also 
saying hello to the wonderful archive team.

I am sure it is not surprising that the Adidas archive is my favorite 

place to visit on the HQ campus and the ladies were so kind to 
put together a small selection of shoes I might like.
Here are some photos I shot in the holy halls. 
All pictures after the jump

adidas Nüßlein (named after German tennis legend Hans Hanne Nüsslein
ca. 1950

adidas Davis Cup 'Wilhelm Bungert'

adidas Tennis ca. 1965

Adidas Wimbledon Wilhelm Bungert.
The German tennis player Wilhelm Bungert wore this shoe in the 
1970 Davis Cup Final against the USA (against Bob Lutz and Stan Smith). 
Top-of-the-range shoe was developed in cooperation with Wilhelm 
Bungert. The nylon heel counter gave the foot secure support and 
guidance. The upper is made of specially tanned kangaroo leather. The 
eyelet stay is made of PVC-coated nylon fabric, the back lining of PVC-
coated knitted fabric. The tongue lining is made of foam-padded knitted 
fabric. The white terry cloth inlay sole is padded with 3mm PVC foam.

Adidas Robert Haillet. The shoe that would become the famous 
Stan Smith after Haillet's retirement from the sport in 1971

adidas Rod Laver
The 1970/71 catalog description states:
Designed in collaborations with the internationally famous champion 
Rod Laver. The only Tennis shoe with air-net uppers: an amazing new 
woven Nylon material that breathes as no other textile shoe can do. 
Cools inside, as perspiration evaporates quickly through Nylon netting. 
SOFTPROTECT padding’s and a very durable vulcanized rubber sole. 
Light, comfortable, solid, washable, ventilated, absorbent new sole.

A deteriorating adidas Billie Jean King. This signature Model is a 
close relative of adidas women's tennis shoes like the adidas Lady, 
Set or Monte Carlo (The ad below does not the depict the exact 
same shoe I photographed at the archive).

Adidas Forest Hills from 1976 signed by the Austrian adidas employee 
Walter Kopp with a Nasa Sole.

This insole is called the Nasa sole, because it's materials were also 
used for the astronauts equipment. It is antibacterial, reduces sweat 
and has good isolating/ventilating properties.

adidas Continental

adidas Women's Slam Court 'Steffi Graf'

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