Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nike Vintage SMUs

Here are some amazing Special Make-Up vintage Nikes from the archive 
of Lindy Darrell. See all of them after the jump

Equator EKIN SMU

"AIR BENJI" Racers for Benji Durden

"Purple Monster" Prototype

Experimental JUMP Spike Prototype (First Velcro)

Experimental 'LDV' Prototype (Clear Upper)

Eagle SMU

"Maroon Monster" Prototype SMU

Nike Skylon Racer for Mary Decker (SMU Pool Shoes)

 Promo Reflective SMU Prototype

Prototype Sample SMU "STEEPLE"

Skylon Racer SMU

SMU Steeplechase Spike

SMU Steeplechase Spike

SMU Steeplechase Spike 

Terra Special Make up

Triumph UCLA SMU

Universe SMU

Vainqueur Indoor SMU for Peter McCartt

Vainqueur Triumph SMU

Valkyrie SMU

Waffle Racer SMU

white Eagle SMU

Zoom D Waffle SMU

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