Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gear vs. Presents

My new Jordans are sweeeet... and they feel like stuffing a Teddybear with my feet!
I love the velvet lining and the leather is just too soft to be taken outside, yet.....officially
bought as 'evening shoes', for now they work out great as a substitute for slippers on cold
November nights.
Thanks to my myrmidons at Niketown for always keeping me informed!
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© Julia Schoierer

Returning home I first got a shopping hangover, but a self-made-present-idea
kinda saved my niketown excursion from bad conscience...
As Christmas is
around the corner and I am one of those junkies who already spent all their
cash of the coming month, I checked the net for help.
Here are some nice
ideas, but then again.....who else, but me, would want to have stuff like this?!?!
Vinyl-bookends The 'Speaker-cabinet'
NES coffee-table
.....and next year nike does not seem to give me a time out either, with possible
2009 releases like this...


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