Thursday, August 15, 2013

City Hall

Opened on October 27, 1904, City Hall was designed to be the 
showpiece of the first ‘Manhattan Main Line’. Unusually elegant 
in architectural style, it is unique among the original IRT stations.
The platform and mezzanine feature Guastavino arches and 
skylights, colored glass tilework, and brass chandeliers; 
however the station was closed and boarded up in 1945, as newer 
longer cars were required to match the demand of passengers 
that passed through the system. 


But as the stations tracks were severely curved, a dangerous gap 
between the train doors and the platform was formed making it 
an unsafe area. This combined with the fact that only about 600 
people used it, resulted in its closure.

Fortunately the 6 Train will now allow the passengers who have been 
enlightened with the knowledge of its whereabouts to stay on the 
train during its turnaround and see the City Hall Station. 
You won’t be able to get off, but you’ll be taken for a slow tour of 
the platform and see what a beauty it was in its heyday!


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