Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hail Hail

It was in the mid 80’s when Cazal’s top model was put on the market.
The Cazal 623 was the reason why Cazal was able to reach monumental
heights in the eyewear community and beyond. What originated in
Germany quickly made its way into the North American urban world and
became THE sunglass of hip-hop artists in the US. Designed by Cari
Zalloni, the Cazal brand quickly developed a cult following bringing
together people from all walks of life.

In the late 80's a small factory in Eastern Canada produced what was
known as a North American Exclusive version of the tops models from
Cazal named the "Deluxe Series". The use of exotic skins hand applied
to popular Cazal Eyewear once again took Cazal design to another level.
With the factory going closed in the 90's these techniques were thought
to be lost. The Vintage Frames Company searched for the original
artisans from this factory to create a deluxe snakeskin capsule once
again! A very elite exotic collection of Cazals was born using the
highest quality Python and lizard hides known to man.

A capsule collection with 5 different versions of the Vintage Frames
Company x Cazal 623 Snakeskin Edition Sunglasses will be available
exclusively at www.VintageFramesShop.com for purchase.
Each version was produced in a very limited quantity of 5 frames per
style. Customers may request special sun lenses to be put in upon
request free of charge! This will be the first of many exotic skin
collections from the Vintage Frames Company

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