Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shoes that should be re-released

The retro-wave has been ridden by many oldschool classics in the past
decade, but unfortunately too many horribly reproduced models have
made it to the market. Most of my readers probably dreamed of how
wonderful it could be, if a Command Force, Air Trainer SC ´89 or Air
Pressure would be re-released in a proper way. Here is a couple of shoes
that in my eyes, would really be worth to be re-produced … In their
original design! I will post some more every now and then, as my list
seems endless, when it comes to classic designs that affected fashion
and culture.
Then I want to watch all the metro-yuppies to
put these "cool 80`s models" on their shelves, next to their Air Yeezys...?
Like this Agenda

or these Nike Convention

..or these BAD mothers in each CW

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