Sunday, November 27, 2022

1989 Nike Air Delta Force - made in Thailand

 A Sunday goodie from the SQ archive 
This is a quite recent pickup and apart from the flakey top of the tongue these are in immaculate, 
soft and wearable condition.
Can’t wait to rock them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Vintage vs Retro - 1985 OG Nike Terminator vs. 2022 retro Nike Terminator high

In 1985 the most popular and successful basketball college teams where equipped with their 
own colourway in Nike’s “be true to your school” campaign, except the Georgetown Stonewalls 
aka Hoyas. 
They had just won the national Championship the year before and where on top of their game 
so Nike honoured this special team with a new show inspired by the Nike Legend but in 
their team colours blue and grey. As a special make up for the team Nike added the ‘Hoyas’ 
lettering on the heel. The shoes released to the public featured Nike lettering on the heel instead.

BTW the name Hoyas stems from the term “Hoya Sexa” which translates to “what Rocks”. 
A cheer that was started from Latin students and stuck with the team. 
Over all this 2022 retro of one of my most favourite shoes could have been excellent with a 
better choice of leather and a bit more concern for original shapes, but is a good alternative 
for anyone not owning the OG in my opinion.
What do you think?

You can read up on more infos about the Hoyas in this wonderful interview with
More pictures after the jump

Nike Air Jordan I metallic signed by Tinker Hatfield

Back in 2006 Tinker Hatfield and Michael came to Berlin for a press conference at the local 
I was there to see the two legends and I also had a pair of OG Jordan 1 Metallics hoping to 
get them signed by Michael afterwards.
Unfortunately Mike left the building as soon as the conference was over but Tinker stuck 
around for a chat so I had the chance to meet the legend. 
He was giving an interview infront of an installation with many classic Jordan models while 
I waited to introduce myself. 
During the interview he mentioned the first Jordan and talked about some details on the shoe. 
The Interviewer did not quite understand what he meant and so Tinker asked if anyone 
had a Jordan 1 on their feet to show.
Nobody replied so I whipped out my Vintage pair and gave it to him for further description. 
His eyes lit up as he said „wow you got the special ones“ and as he continued talking he 
signed the shoes.
As soon as he finished the interview he turned to me and asked me where I got those gems 
from. We chatted for a few minutes, even got to take a picture together before he had to 
get on to his next appointment.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Stay at DJ Khaled's via AirBnB

DJ Khaled is unlocking his shoe closet.  
The hip-hop mogul is inviting fans to cop an exclusive stay inside a recreation of his legendary 
sneaker closet in Miami, bookable on Airbnb. Sneakerheads, fans and people looking for a sunny 
escape can reserve two one-night stays, occurring on Dec. 5 and 6, for two guests each at only 
$11 a night.  
You can request to book the stays beginning Nov. 29
The booking will include some nice extras according to the host:
"Sleep in my legendary sneaker collection and experience the 305 through the eyes (and
shoes) of yours truly. During the stay, guests will have the chance to live and breathe
Miami the same way I do - epically. 
I’m rolling out all the big stops, including: 
- An exclusive pair of We The Best Air Jordan 5s 
- A handwritten welcome note from me upon arrival 
- The keys to the ultimate sneaker kingdom, sleeping amid some of my most prized kicks,
including my personal Jordan 3 “Grateful” and Jordan 8 “Oregon PEs” 
- An outdoor lounge to kick back and soak in the Miami vibes after a dip in the pool 
- A chance to enjoy some of my favorite spots in Miami, like a catered dinner from my 
restaurant The Licking - Miami Gardens" 

Monday, November 21, 2022

New sneaker auctions at Sotheby's

Over the past few years the prestigious auction house Sotheby's has been selling more and 
more sneakers. Some very random stuff, but also some beautiful gems like the following 

the hand-cobbled 1972 Nike Moon Shoe 

An 'interesting' development and more proof that the sneaker craze is not going anywhere 
soon except everywhere.

More pictures and infos after the jump

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Vintage ftw!

I did enter a bunch of raffles for today’s release, but luckily I don’t have to lose my mind over 
finding a pair of AJ1 Chicagos.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Sonra x Porsche Design: Past - Present - Future

Once again, @porschedesign and @sonraberlin have joined forces!

A huge thank you to my homie @hikmetsugoer for making me one of the few chosen ones 
to get these a bit early!!

In honor of Porsche Design’s 50th anniversary, this special collaboration acts as a journey through 
time and is made of irresistible materials, just like we are used to in Sonra shoes.

Past, present, and future – an ode to 50 years of engineered passion. 
This highly exclusive collaboration consists of three individual sneaker models, each one dedicated 
to a specific era. 

The “past” series will be exclusively available in Porsche’s Berlin store on November 30th. 
The “present” series will also be released in the Berlin store as well as online on the same day. 
The 3D-printed “future” series is even more exclusive, as only one pair will be produced and given to one lucky winner. 
Check out @porsche and @sonraberlin for more information on how you can get your hands on this 
elusive pair

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Oh Schuhen Podcast Episode 118

Amadeus vom Oh, Schuhen Podcast hat mir ein paar Fragen gestellt und ich habe 
Die ganze Aufnahme findet ihr hier

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