Monday, July 3, 2017

Solemart Summer 2017

Here a recap of yesterday's Solemart at Haus Ungarn.
All pictures after the jump

True Originals Book

In October 2013, Marlon Knispel from Berlin contacted Ernie Beckmannand asked him if 
he wanted to contribute to his planned adidas book "True Originals". 
The book should be a homage to the good times of adidas, in which the best adidas 
models (his opinion) from 1970 to 1993 would be presented. Since Marlon is of the 
opinion that he himself is not able to write texts, he asked Ernie if he could put his 
interviews and research results in a textual form and translate it to English. 
He was interested and we went to work. The result is a book that will be released next 
In order to be able to pay the printing, Marlon needed about € 3000, which we wanted to 
collect on kickstarter. 
The goal has already been reached, but feel free to contribute.…/937238908/true-originals 
They are happy about any kind of support.... financially or by sharing the kickstarter page 
on your social media feeds...

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