Friday, June 14, 2024

Adidas Cross-Country Ski Shoes

…with SDS binding and Super Skating tech.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

LA with adidas

Last week I had the privilege of spending a few days in LA with the three stripes and a fun group.
Several archivists and I were invited to the sunshine state, where we got to nerd out about a 
special upcoming project I can not wait to tell you more about.

With the help of U DOX we got pampered with great activities, such as watching the Lakers 
game (seeing Lebron and Curry play was an absolute highlight) or going vintage shopping and 
were well fed at beautiful locations throughout our whole stay.
Thank you for this adventure, connecting with like-minded people is the most precious gift 
gave us! 

I had a ton of fun and hope I get to see our crew again in the near future!

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Steven Smith's Stories today

Steven Smith posted a bunch of interesting pictures of sketches and samples in his recent stories:

All pictures after the jump

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Nike OTC Meeting 2024 Part 3

Now that you know what the OTC meeting is about, I want to show a bit more what is happening there.
Of course we all meet to share our passion and collections, exchange knowledge and enjoy each 
other's company, but we also have a few activities taking place:

Each year every participant brings some vintage pieces they are willing to let go from their 
collection and they are being raffled. 
This year's raffle once again featured some incredible prizes, for example a pair of baby vintage 
Carmines or an amazing OG Blue Ribbon Sports longsleeve which Nic kindly provided.

Foxtrott Uniform also had a special moment when Mark revealed their first neo vintage collaboration 
with Asics and also raffled a couple of pairs of their X89 to the participants.

Since I seeded a few members of the OTC fam with my family & friends Conductor and many of 
them showed up with their pairs to get them signed.
I felt very honored signing my shoe and other personal items for people whose autograph I should be 
I also brought some memorabilia from my archive to give to the guys, which you will spot in the pictures.
They included a shirt the 3foil crew from Indonesia made for our exhibition in Jakarta in 2017 
and the booklet the Turnschuhzuhälter crew and I produced for our Formaganda exhibiton in 2011.

I already miss everyone and can't wait to return in 2025!

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Nike OTC Meeting 2024 Part 2

I prefer not to put all the pictures I shot into one post, as I feel it is devaluing the extreme heat 
presented every year at the Nike OTC meeting.
Also I realized that many might not even know what the OTC meeting is actually about.

If you are serious about collecting vintage Nike then you probably got your hands on the Lightning 
Nike Chronicle deluxe and/or Chronicle extra at some point and realized what incredibly precious 
and meticulous works they are.

Now imagine all the collectors who are listed in them as 'Special Supporters' meet in one room and 
bring some of their grails and all of their knowledge and love to the table. 
This is what's happening once a year in Tokyo and let me tell you it's as good as you imagine it to be.

So get your tissues ready for another round of Nike vintage heat and don't forget look for the details;
Like that white tongue labe on the displayed Sky Jordans, a complete set of the beautiful AJ I 
cardboard art by Tomotatsu Gima behind a Team Convention, Dynasty and Dunk Hi Rainbow (yes, 
those Terminators are crazy), all those SMUs (+Hatu Guni's Baby Collection!) or what everyone 
has on their feet and in their hands...

There's plenty to feast your eyes on and impossible to go trough everything in detail within one 
afternoon that passes like the blink of an eye. So I shoot my heart out as soon as I realize the day 
is almost over and after 5 or so hours we all stagger out of the meeting buzzing on a vintage high.
Once everyone has packed their collectibles we always go for dinner together, so we can thoroughly 
discuss the heat of that day ;)

These customs are on Mr. Sabotage's feet.
All pictures after the jump

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Nike OTC Meeting 2024 Part 1

Most of my readers probably know by now, that the annual OTC meeting in Tokyo is always a highlight in my 
sneaker year and I try everything possible not to miss it.

Making it happen turned out to be a real challenge this year, but after hustling through I finally made 
it to Japan again.
Words can't describe how happy I was to visit and see all my otaku friends, but my smile says it all.
Without further ado I of course want to share my pleasures with you, so feast your eyes on part 1 
of this year's gathering which had the theme: Nike The Sting and all shoes with similar uppers from 
that time, as well as the Nike Air Jordan 1.

A special thank you to Smits, Yusuke and Toshiya-Towa for all their hard work making this event happen!
I am so grateful for the whole OTC Crew, the insane amounts of presents I received as well as all their shared 
love and passion!
The only regret I take away from every meeting is not being able to spend more time with every individual. 
Learing more Japanese is becoming increasingly urgent.

Part 2 is coming very soon! All pictures after the jump

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