Friday, February 22, 2019

Joe Conzo in Paris

If you are in Paris in the next few weeks, make sure not to miss this:

Monday, February 18, 2019

Nike OTC Meeting 2019

I have been blogging about the following event for almost ten years, hoping 
to join one day.
In January that day finally came and I had the wonderful chance to go to 
this year's Nike OTC Meeting in Tokyo! 
The theme for 2019 was deadstock before 1985.
After all the see-and-be-seen hype events of the past years, this evening was 
so refreshing, being able to spend some quality time with like-minded 
collectors, nerding out over the craziest sneaker heat and making new 
friends.A big thank you to Nic, Shin-Ichiro and all OTC members for inviting 
me into your microcosm and making me feel so welcome! 
I am hoping to make this a regular, so I am very much looking forward to see 
you all next year!

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