Saturday, July 18, 2009

For love and for money

Getting up early on Saturday is a big deal for me, as it is usually my only
day off and I am such a nightbird, but since it was for a good cause I made
my way to take care of my Livestrong donation today.

I do wonder though, why after all these years I am still the only woman
in a circle of men?
I mean c´mon, girls are supposed to love shoes, right?

However, it was a nice morning apart from the weather and I enjoyed
hanging with the guys making me smile, as always.

But after all there is more to Livestrong than just bikes and sneakers.
Here is another facette of the foundation, to raise awareness,
represented by STAGES.
The global art exhibition launched by Lance Armstrong and Nike is an
interesting project bringing artists like José Parlá, KAWS, Kenny Scharf,

Shepard Fairey and Geoff McFeteridge
together to raise funds for the
fight against cancer.

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