Wednesday, October 11, 2023

adidas x SneakerQueen F&F Conductor Seeding Event

Last week I celebrated my 42nd birthday by gifting my closest ones a pair of my Adidas x SneakerQueen F&F Conductor.

And when I say family&friends I really mean my core circle. 

Because luckily all of my family members are also my closest confidants. 

So of course my mum, my dad, my sister and their partners all came by to celebrate with me and my sneaker family. 

Beinghunted was so kind to give me their gallery space for an afternoon, I baked some cake and bread, handed out my sneakers to a very exclusive little round and set up a small photo studio for taking some cheesy yearbook like shots to remember the day.

It was the best feeling putting a big smile on my loved ones‘ faces by giving my shoes to people who really appreciate them!

Many even came with my first adidas collaboration on their feet!

Thank you for everyone who showed up and filled this day with love, laughter, good food and great company! 

It was the very best birthday I had in ages and everyone made me feel  so special with their flowers, gifts and endless support.

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