Friday, August 28, 2015

1971 Nike Unknown Vintage aka ”Flyte Suede”

Thick suede, a gum outsole, golden sewed tag and round shoe laces…
compared to shoes of the same era, this model has a unique design.
A misterious vintage model from 1971

The most unusual characteristic is its tag. As one can see, it is 

embroided with a golden thread on black nylon material. 

The insole is also interesting. A much thicker sponge than other 'made 
in Japan' models.

So let's check out the eara, these originate from:
After testing sample at several production sites, Nike decided to 
order their first Cortez from a factory in Taiwan. 
The picture from Nike Chronicles shows the same kind of production 
print inside. 

Unfortunately there are no catalog pictures of this model, but it's 
high quality materials lead me to believe, that not many where made.

Big up to Nike 70s archive for this great blogpost!


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