Friday, March 13, 2020

Ellesse Design Counsel F&F Tanker

In Spring 2019, I was privileged to join 7 other creative individuals at 
the ellesseDesignCounsel, placing my own spin on the ellesse Tanker. 
The iconic model was created by Marc Sadler in 1982 for the tennis 
court, but paved the way for the urban market and so many footwear
classics that are making lifestyle/streetwear/sportswear what it is 
today, with it's extravagant design.

In the 80s and 90s tennis in Berlin was kinda the sport for the 
privileged. Especially in the area I grew up in, the former city center 
of Berlin, Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, aka the 'Golden West'. 
A district known for it's glamorous shopping mile, the Kurfürstendamm 
and it's preppy and posh style. 
I played tennis at the Tennis-Club 1899 e.V. Blau-Weiss and heard my 
team mates talk about the greats like Vilas, Borg, Ashe, MacEnroe, 
but specifically the German sensations Becker and Graf. 
Never before had a player won Wimbledon at such a young age (in the 
ellesse Tanker btw) and never before I had experienced a young woman 
represent Germany (and team adidas) on an international level without 
her looks, but merely with her skillset. 
To me these two where the german influencers of the time and it was 
no surprise that ellesse was also part of the style that surrounded me 
when it came to sportswear that was more upscale. Because the 
colourful shoes and apparel where perfect for teenagers and the kids at 
the tennis club usually came from households with the necessary cash 
to support that style. 
So by representing Germany on this Design Counsel team I decided to 
show my personal connection and associations to this model. My aim 
was to create a deluxe version of the iconic original, so I chose a high 
quality leather for the upper and combined it with some subtle snakeskin 
that's supposed reflect the posh style of the tennis clubs in my youth. 
The colour scheme is a little bit brighter than the OGs, like you would 
find it on a beach ball, for some extra summer vibes, because tennis is 
the best played outdoors. Let me know your thoughts on the final 
These are limited to 10 family&friends pairs worldwide, so I might 
do a raffle soon for a lucky person to get their hands on one of these 
special boxes.

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