Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NOC 167 & FUZZ ONE by Alan Ket

Noc167 and Fuzz One are writer’s writers from the 1970s and 80s that 
had an indelible mark on the graffiti writing movement. Noc167 was 
known as the prince of graffiti and was one of the gifted talents of the 
subway movement responsible for creating some of the most admired 
trains in graffiti’s golden era. 
His Style Wars car is arguably the best train ever painted. Fuzz One, 
was another subway warrior who ruled the train lines by painting the 
insides and the outsides of the trains with dozens of aliases. He was a 
rare breed, an all-city style king, known as much for his style as for 
his ability to rack. 
Together these two writers painted brilliant whole cars together and 
for the first time since their heyday are presenting their art side by 
side. To see and purchase their art go to www.dirtypilot.com 


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