Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Odyssey Two

Odyssey Two, showing at Muenzstr. 19 from September
24 – 27th runs throughout Art Forum Berlin and brings
together 20 years of the urban art pioneer’s work.
Significant new pieces will be on display, alongside key
works such as the original iconic Pointman canvas and a
collection of early Pointman sketches.

The show focuses on the dual themes of memory and
the past, and the influence these have on an individual’s
imagined world. Futura’s obsessions with space and hyper-
industrial landscapes grew from his adolescence: a time
when man first landed on the moon, and when the New
York skyline soared with a mass of fresh skyscrapers. But
the world in his pieces is entirely unique – a place that has
developed in his mind over time, where remnants of earlier
memories co-exist with imagined, abstract landscapes.
Futura used characters and set pieces (such as Pointman
or his trademark cranes) as signposts in his early work.
But as time has past and Futura’s world has become more
and more familiar to him, these have segued into the
background, bringing his technically masterful, abstract
style to the fore: now, a crane appears as a series of clean
lines to frame an angry, lonely landscape in a fiery world of
wild strokes in acrylic.

Futura’s latest pieces show an artist comfortable in the
world he has created, making accomplished works that use
monochrome and occasional, frenetic bursts of outline to
perfectly convey mood, atmosphere and situation, without
the need for graphic symbols.
Collector’s will be able to buy an accessible selection of
key pieces in the creation of Futura’s world: study pieces
provide entry level works; there will be a trademark
Pointman series and a limited print run. There will also be a
small number of recent abstract canvases presented in the
environment of their creation.
The exhibition is produced in conjunction with Artorial, an
organisation which acts on behalf of artists and collectors
to put on engaging exhibitions in pop-up environments,
and to provide private buyers with impeccably-researched
portfolios of original work.

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