Wednesday, May 10, 2017

RIP whatyouwrite

Do you remeber where you saw it first…?

As many may have heard Frederic " freddy mack" aka "whatyouwrite" was 
dramatically taken away on April 21st, after a terrible battle against cancer.
Out of reticence and because he has always wanted to be remembered 

as the merry happy crazy rascal and mate to all, he kept his last fight 
as silent and discreet as possible.

Skew left a forever imprinted mark on urban cultures, especially on 

Graffiti/writing. "Whatyouwrite" blog was the concrete visible proof of his 
infinite love of this art form and a true demonstration of his desire to share 
that love.
Now you can show some love and gratitude by making a donation here, as it 
will surely relieve his mother expenses inherent to such a tragedy.

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