Thursday, June 4, 2009

In loving Memory

IN LOVING MEMORY is the result of applying the extreme aesthetics
of the Countach to other design classics.

Get the whole picture @

Torstr. 114

10119 Berlin - Germany

Design love

Cazal is a familliar brand to most people who are into Hip Hop, sunglasses,
quality design or just stylish accessories.
Here some of my gems, exposing once again the nerd in me..

More Yummies

Still available ad JD Sports
And yes, I like these, too!

Finally some really simple but nice Converse.
So all I am asking now is...when oh when Adidas, will you finally
release the black n white Snakeskin conductor???

It was due to end of May, beginning of June!!!!!!!!!!!
So where is it, huh? HUHHH??

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