Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pump news

After already posting a couple of Pumps, like the Solebox, Colette and
Espionage Editions for the 20th anniversary of the cult shoe, here are some
more pictures of the Sneaker designed by

Patta from Amsterdam

Packer Shoes from New Jersey

Before Jordan-mania took over the league, Dominique Wilkins was the most
electrifying show around. Despite being a 9-time NBA All-Star, 1985-86
Scoring Champion and one of only six players in history to average at least
25 points per game in 10 consecutive seasons, Nique still seems to be
overlooked by many fans when they discuss the greats of his era. In fact,
Wilkins was controversially left out of the NBA Top 50 Players list that was
named in 1996, an oversight that he eloquently addresses in the quote that
appears in the window of Packer Shoes as they prepare to honor Nique
with their
collaboration installment of the Reebok Pump 20th Anniversary

With their Pump design, Packer chose to pay homage to the early days of the
Pump and one of the driving forces behind their initial popularity. Although
he was the number one Reebok Pump endorser in the NBA, Dominique never
had his own personalized version of the shoe. Packer Shoes has taken it upon
themselves to right that injustice by creating one for him now. As you have
probably already deduced from the teasers, the Packer Reebok Pump2o
offering is inspired by the Human Highlight Film and is equipped with an
Atlanta Hawks color scheme and several personal nods to Dominique. The
most notable touch comes by way of the gold “85″ and “90″ stitching on the
back of the heels, a tribute to his two Slam Dunk Champion titles.

Packer Shoes X Reebok Pump 20th Anniversary from Albert Moschetti on Vimeo.

Aside from being a prolific scorer, the art of high-flying dunk acrobatics
defined Wilkins’ game, making him a huge fan-favorite. Packer Shoes will
celebrate the release of the Nique Pump by covering nearly their entire floor
with a giant photo of number 21 in flight. On Thursday November 19th, the
decorative touch will serve as the red carpet for the Human Highlight Film
himself when he arrives for the in-store Pump20 release event. Nique will be
on hand at 10pm to sign autographs, talk to fans and if you’re lucky, throw
down a vicious windmill dunk in your face. There will also be matching t-shirts
and a special
DJ VinRoc mixtape available, featuring clips of NBA announcers
marveling over Dominique highlights spliced into the tracks.

Kicks/Hi from Hawaii

and 24 Kilates from Barcelona, who show some great details on their blog!

2010 releases

2010 promises to be a year with some great retros! Not only the Jordan II,
III and IV are returning in some original colourways, the Kid's collection
looks somewhat interesting, too.

Especially the white and pink Jordan IV leaves me curious to see it in real

Also, this Trainer just popped up on
Reminds me of the 90`s when light blue was so fashionable...
I like

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