Monday, April 4, 2016

Los Sures

Director Diego Echeverria has been working tirelessly trying to uncover and 
showcase the small, vibrant and wild side of south Williamsburg in his breakout
documentary "Los Sures." Filmed in 1984 on dingy 16mm film, the eye-opening
documentary exposes the small-knit and vivacious Puerto Rican and Dominican
neighborhood of south Williamsburg before the streets were clean, safe and 
After being rediscovered in 2007, the film has been worked on extensively by 
the people at Union Docs, who have also launched a memory project entitled 
 "Living Los Sures," where individuals can come and share their stories, pictures 
and other tidbits they might have about the neighborhood.

I can't wait for this!

OMFT – Nike Air Pegasus '83 Print aka Aloha Hawaii

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