Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few month ago a Hello Kitty pen I got as a sweet present from Jack,
just set me back to age 6 within seconds! It smells of pink strawberry
and I don´t mean that aromatheraphy type-o smell, I mean the real
pungent, oldschool, cotton candy, carcinogenic 80´s colours kind!

© Julia Schoierer

I guess it´s natural that odours, shapes and colours from my youth trigger
a special sense of sentimental value. It would be rediciulus to deny that
they influence many nuances of my taste, concerning just about anything.
Therefore it´s no surprise to me, that I consider sneakers from 86-92
most intresting...
but I don´t just love sneakers.
I admire any form of good design
, whether it is for cars, fashion, furniture,
jewelry or just some funky kind of knick-knack!
Especially if it´s from Germany of course.
Therefore I would like to share another passion of mine!
Find the common denominator...

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