Friday, April 17, 2009

Too many drinks

Last night I finally got together again with my lovely sister. It usually
only takes a day or two apart for me to already miss her, so after
almost a week, meeting up was way overdue.

Upon a sweet invitation we went to the Hotel Mandala for a couple of
drinks and some quality music. Unfortunately we weren´t warned that
the place was packed with models and suited up guys, so my Sis felt
sliiiightly underdressed, as we arrived in jeans n sneakers. I am used
to the feeling being the only one with sporty shoes in the room, so I
kinda let my Big Daddy Kane Pumas bling and stared in amazement at
all the girls with their ouchy heels, that seemed like they had either
forgotten to put on some pants or put on their little sisters dresses.

After that I went for another beer to the Cookies Club where I remebered,
why I had only been there once about 3 years ago and never again..

A few chit-chats with people from work later, it was bedtime for me.

© Julia Schoierer

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