Saturday, May 6, 2017

Hell On Wheels

In 1979, there were 250 serious crimes reported in the New York subway 
system – per week. There were six murders in the first two months alone. 
 No other subway in the world was more crime-ridden and infamous.

Hell On Wheels” is a joyous and soulful trip in the bygone era of the New 
York subway system in the years between 1977-1984. 
Swiss photographer Willy Spiller, living in New York at the time, documented 
his underground travels with the curiosity of a foreigner, fascinated by the 
rush and the madness of its time. It’s the period of the first rap music, 
graffiti, The Warriors in the cinema, Guardian Angels on the trains and Ed 
Koch in charge of a broke and crime-riddled city. 
Willy Spiller’s images are as much a visual document of this incomparable 
realm as they are a syncopated, colorful poem to the city of New York and 
its people.

Adidas Neely Air Roland TR-808: Disturb the Peace

NYC based creative marketing agency Neely & Daughters have developed 
TR-808 inspired Adidas sneakers that are fully functional. Designed and 
constructed as part of the “Just for Kicks” creative challenge, the custom 
Mi Adidas are called the Neely Air Roland TR-808: Disturb the Peace.
Inspired by Roland’s iconic drum machine as well as break dance culture 
and the police code for disturbing the peace, “808”, the shoes feature 
volume control and six different pre-programmed settings.
As these were built specifically for the “Just for Kicks” creative challenge, 
only a prototype exists and they are not available to purchase. 

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