Thursday, August 1, 2019

Sole Origins

I had the pleasure to be featured in the current episode of Complex's 
Sole Origins!

I had a great time with the @calico_incand @zen team filming this and 
really like the outcome. 
Great job @justinrching@dannyleeworks @karimwasabi @budgerodriguez 

and everyone involved in this!
Although you hear me talking about Hikmet’s store being one of the first 

where sneaker enthusiasts would hang out, I actually was talking about
@mad.flavor.sneakerstore when I made this statement, but it must have 
gotten mixed up in postproduction.
Hikmet‘s influence on putting Berlin on the world sneaker map is obviously 

undeniable and beautifully described in the episode.
Unfortunately Niklas the owner of Mad Flavor (and former employer of 

Hikmet) did not make the final cut, but I think it is vital to pay respect to the 
people who came before this sneaker culture 
turned mainstream and paved the road for current business, like
@mad.flavor.sneakerstore or Downstairs did.
None of us featured here got where we are, without building on what 
people who came before us created and cultivated. And none of us would 
be where we are today, without the support of many individuals who don’t 
take the spotlight. So thank you to all those hard working and passionate 
characters behind the scene - you are sneaker culture!

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