Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Probably the best cake EVER made!!!

Since the weather was crap and I was trying to get rid of the restalcohol in my
hungover body, I decided to treat myself to what turned out to be the most
amazing piece of coconut cake!

I had to pay outrageous 3,60 €, but boy was it worth it!!!
Once back home I opened my doggy-bag and the room instantly filled up with
the scent of the brazen sweetness that would be my fate for the rest of the day.
I stumbled back for a minute, trying to catch a clear thought through the mist
of coconut enriched butter cream and soft chocolate layers that the devil baked
himself....hopeless! Like in a trance I see myself shoving one fluffy creamy
delicious piece of heaven into my mouth after the other and taking pics hoping
it will never ever end...

This is an ode to a cake that was too good for this world!
Thank you Café Cream! You made my day as it..s the little things that count!!!

Byebye cake.....

All Gone!!Pffff....
© Julia Schoierer

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