Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday night

Great film, nice evening....

Nightshift lover

Most people who know me are aware of the fact, that I am a night owl.
Not only that I find it extremely hard to fall asleep before 1am, but
also the fact that I work best from 10pm-4am keeps me up most nights.

Although most people depreciate this practice as time wasting lazyness
I must point out, that there are many advantages to working during the

– Less distractions
No-one calls, texts or emails me, no lovely weather making me want to
enjoy an ice cream in the sun, no appointment pressure, soon closing
supermarkets or tv-shows....

– Quiet time

As my neighbours already tend to bang on the walls if I just laugh after
11pm, there will be less music and more general quiteness to concentrate
on things to do.

I can take care of all the ideas and pictures I collected throughout the
day, before new input comes up.
I love reading blogs and after 1am
most people have written their post.

So if you are also a late night worker, don´t feel bad about waking up at
11am the next day!
After all, night times are not only good for sleeping,
but also great for another thing I love:

yes right....origami

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