Sunday, July 26, 2009


I am a passionate woman and a perfectionist. With everything I do,
it´s either all or nothing.
This doesn´t only mean sticking to my descitions with total
commitment, but also questioning my methods, execution and
myself. When it comes to style this means knowing it´s history and
being aware of the facts that it´s about details and subtleness.
This is why one should appreciate an original for it´s design, it´s
origin in the fine arts, social and historical context. The
interrelations of the cited above justify a product like the
Converse Chuck Tailor or a Cazal 607 to gain cult status.

Overdoing it like a russian nouveau riche or a hipster dressed in
neon coloured 80´s polyester
top to bottom is just as horrific as
wearing pink laser Jordan IIIs – a typical symptom of style

Good design isn´t cheap and cheap design isn´t good!
I have great respect for anybody who´s handling things that way,
but of course it´s each to their own.

A picture I saw this morning made me think about all this....

It would just drive me crazy, that the lacing is all messy!

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