Sunday, February 4, 2024

Nike OTC Meeting 2024 Part 1

Most of my readers probably know by now, that the annual OTC meeting in Tokyo is always a highlight in my 
sneaker year and I try everything possible not to miss it.

Making it happen turned out to be a real challenge this year, but after hustling through I finally made 
it to Japan again.
Words can't describe how happy I was to visit and see all my otaku friends, but my smile says it all.
Without further ado I of course want to share my pleasures with you, so feast your eyes on part 1 
of this year's gathering which had the theme: Nike The Sting and all shoes with similar uppers from 
that time, as well as the Nike Air Jordan 1.

A special thank you to Smits, Yusuke and Toshiya-Towa for all their hard work making this event happen!
I am so grateful for the whole OTC Crew, the insane amounts of presents I received as well as all their shared 
love and passion!
The only regret I take away from every meeting is not being able to spend more time with every individual. 
Learing more Japanese is becoming increasingly urgent.

Part 2 is coming very soon! All pictures after the jump

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