Monday, November 20, 2023

Approved by the King

When I created my F&F Conductor I had a list of people in mind who inspired me to get to this
point and to whom I wanted to pay tribute to and gift this special pair.

From close family members to international culture creators this list had a big influence on my
process and the final outcome.

Forever linked with Trefoil and sneaker history Jam Master Jay and @rundmc were an inspiration 
since day one of my collaborations. 
@kingdmc is one of the very few people, whom I had also seeded my Rivalry Hi SNEAKERQUEEN back in 2013.

So when @shakejmj blessed me with this picture of Darryl holding up my F&F Conductor and
our Collective Rivalry Lo it totally made my day!

Thank you for decades of inspiration and maximum #worldwidesneakerlove !

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