Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Collective - from Court to Concrete

I am stoked to finally show you what @Erniepunk @Tommy_triggah and @DefyNewYork and 
I have been working on for the past 2 years:

For this adidas collaboration, Ernie, Tommy, Scott and I have formed 'the Collective', 
a group of 80s lovers and collectors, to curate an exclusive release on some classics from the 
Patrick Ewing line. 

After countless hours, email and sleepless night 'the Collective' is releasing two pairs of shoes 
- an adidas Rivalry Lo 86 (yes they are a bit different to the ones you have been buying the past 
years) and a Conductor - this saturday the 29th of July 2023, worldwide in very limited numbers.

To celebrate the occasion we planned a little pre-release event at Overkill Shop this Friday, 
so everyone is more that welcome to come by enjoy drinks, snacks and music as well as a 
small heritage exhitbion to dive into the world of 1986 on the first floor.
Also there will be some VERY special limited collectors goodies at the pre-release for the first few 
customers who purchase a pair of the pack!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop and there are few basketball shoes more 
connected to the earlier days of the movement than the adidas Rivalry and Conductor. 

My love for the Rivalry is generally known and I have similarly strong feelings for it's big technical 
brother the Conductor.
So I am head over heels we got to work on both silhouettes for this collaboration and bring in 
so many different cultural influences to this project.
The inspiration behind the remake of these two models is the late 80s, when they transitioned from 
court to concrete an hence the name of the pack.

In the next few days I will tell you a bit more about all the details and easter-eggish features, 
but for now I firstly want to invite everyone who is in Berlin to join and celebrate with us!

Of course this is a much bigger group effort, than just the four of us nerding out.
So a big thank you to @adidasoriginals for investing in us, but especially to @sventheguide for your trust, 
@tduffles202 for going all in on this, @tiffanycrewsss for holding on to all those ends of the many 
ropes and to Peter Gellert for helping us tie that final knot!

And last but not least, big up to @overkillshop and @maks_mit_ks_ for helping us rolling this project 
out to you all!

Slide through the photos I shot to check out our two shoes in combination with some OG pieces from Ernie's 
and my vintage apparel and memorabilia.

Photography/CD/Set design/ styling and whatnot: yours truly @JuliaSchoiererPhotography
Styling: Caiza Andresen / @caizacaizacaiza
H&M:Monica Karsai / @monicakarsai
Models: Fahrani Empel / @favelamunk & Bernard Koomzom @bernzbazillion

Login forward to see you all!

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