Monday, August 14, 2023

adidas Collective pack - a closer look at some details

It's been 2 weeks since our Court to Concrete pack has released and I wanted to show you 
some of the details on the pack, that I really love:

This whole collection is supposed to be a reflection of the swagger found on the greatest 
catwalks of New York: Madison Square Garden (the 'Court' part is represented with our 
Conductor) and the subway (the 'Concrete' part is represented on the Rivalry model).

Both models come with a New York style subway token hanger to represent that.

Whether on stage, on court, at the sidelines or in the crowd, we wanted to nod towards MSG 
as a temple of sports, music and style with some details:
So we chose a game ticket of the New York Knicks playing at MSG that we found printed in 
the adidas New Arrivals US catalog of Fall 1987 and used it for a  paper-like tongue label.

Also the choice of exotic materials (the faux snakeskin on the accents of the Rivalry 86 Lo and the
collar of the Conductor) is a homage to the flamboyant looks on and off the stage.

Of course Patrick Ewing and his signature line were the most important reference and we thought a lot 
about how to honor his impact.

The tissue paper is reminiscent of the original tissue paper that was designed for the adidas Ewing 
collection back in the late 80s and I spent quite a few evenings drawing for it.

Since we were not allowed to use his name we decided to ad a little easter egg:

Hidden beneath the tongue label you will find Pat's old signature slogan 'UNSTOPPABLE' stitched into the tongue.

We also put a lot of work into re-writing the original booklet that comes with every shoe to 
give you a more personal experience, when purchasing these.
You should take a peek and check the details ;)

Hope you enjoy this little insight into all the efforts we put into these pairs!

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