Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pop that flashy

Last week I had the pleasure to shoot a lot of very
interesting personalities for New Era.
David and Omer from were
handling it like a pro-model duo, which made the
shoot a real fun experience!
Thanks for the love guys.



Finally done!!!

There´s a solution to every problem

During the cold winter days, it is essential to feel warm and cosy at home.
I like to wear my snekaers whenever I can, but once I am home I get into
the dilemma of either fly footwear or a fluffy but ugly alternative!

There shall be no more of this ...


© Julia Schoierer

Archive - HipHop and Sneaker History

Here´s something I wrote fro the Catalog 01/2009.
Unfortunately I am not responsible for the headlines and subtitles...

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