Friday, October 30, 2020

Adidas Originals Store Berlin re-launch

Today, after a short remodelling phase, the world’s first adidas Originals 
flagship store in Münzstraße in Berlin reopened its doors with a new look 
and feel. 
The newly developed store concept for adidas Originals is called 

Inspired by the adidas archive in Herzogenaurach, the concept was 
designed with a focus on high-quality product presentation and extensive
storytelling. Mobile archive shelves allow the store to be flexibly 
redesigned at any time. 
In the adidas Originals Mitte store, the focus is on inclusivity with mixed-
gender merchandising and displaying.

Individual areas of the new store have been designed in creative 
collaboration with selected artists from Berlin, including Monja Gentschow,
yours truly. 

The new store concept is designed to give local artists, designers and 
creatives the opportunity and space to present their art and ideas in the 
form of curated exhibitions and installations in the store. 
There will also be a regular program, created in collaboration with local 
creatives, ranging from workshops to talks, as the Berlin art and design 
scene continuously offers opportunities to build on this concept.

Since the interior concept of the store is strongly influenced by the Adidas 
archive in Herzogenaurach, of course some vintage had to be included, too. 
I selected 9 models that have a strong root in Berlin‘s adidas history and 
are in my opinion relevant silhouettes to the city.

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