Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11th, 1973

"Hip-Hop started when my father brought a PA system and didn't know how
to hook it up. I was messing around with the music and I started out by
buying a few records to play at my house. When I was doing that I saw a lot
of kids playing outside in the backyard. My sister asked me to give a party
one day. Actually, she wanted me to play at a party [1520 Segdwick Ave] and
I went out and got around twenty records that I felt was good enough and
we gave a party and charged about twenty five cents to come in and made
300 dollars."

"At the time I was into graffiti so there was a lot of curiosity was about who
I was. And so when they came there they saw who I was and what I did, I
fulfilled their expectations on me. Herc could talk and play good music and
people didn't mess around in his party. The ‘babes’ were there and he might
call your name on the mic. In those days ain't no body know about calling
your name on the mic or hearing records back to back..."
Kool Herc

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