Monday, November 2, 2009

Of course you can also make it streetcouture....

... but why?

At least Nike decided to bring out the classics in some simple colourways...I like


Danziger Project is exhibiting some great Andy Warhol Polaroids!
OCTOBER 31 - DECEMBER 12, 2009
Definitely worth checking out if you are in the city!
“In 1977, Richard Weisman, an art collector and a friend of Warhol’s,
commissioned a series of paintings of ten great sports figures of the
era, now known as the “Athlete Series”. The group of athletes was
selected by Mr. Weisman, and included stars of a variety of sports:
Muhammad Ali (boxing), Pelé (soccer), Dorothy Hamill (figure skating),
Tom Seaver (baseball), Jack Nicklaus (golf), O.J. Simpson (football),
Chris Evert (tennis), Willie Shoemaker (horse racing), Rod Gilbert (ice
hockey, NY Rangers), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball).”

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