Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NYC Subway

For any Graff Writer there is something magical about the
New York City subway system.
The Tracks where it all startet seem to have a mystical
aura, rough and beautiful with many untold stories.
For me it´s the fascination for ols maps, historical waggons
with wooden interieur and abandoned trainstations.
Browsing the very detailed Website, some of the many
stories are revealed in addition to an incredible archive.

1904: The first subway was formally opened on Oct. 27th
from City Hall to One Hundred and Forty-fifth Street and
Broadway. The company announced that it would open the
east side branch as far as the Harlem River on Nov. 3, and
that the rest of the Manhattan-Bronx system would be
ready in the Spring.

Map in 1904

Map in 1939

Map in 1951

Map in 1972

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