Monday, January 18, 2010

WellWell Horray!

Thank you Dunkbar!

Back to Analog

Although I have been shooting many portraits in the last few month, I only
got to use my digital camera. This allows me to shoot with no costs for films
or developements, but in the end it always feels surreal, when I don't get in
touch with any materials and only have an electronic proof of my work...
Besides that I just love taking pictures with my old Pentax 645!
It's heavy and obstinale like an old mule, but when it's in action the pictures
speak right out of my heart. Yesterday I had my first analog portrait shooting
in a very long time and although it was freezing and snowing it felt like home.
Then in the evening I developed the negatives in my bathroom, which I also
hadn't done for almost a year and it made me realize once again, how great
it is to be engaged in all of different creative processes. Mastering a craft,
that lets me realize a personal project independently from beginning till end
is just incomparable!

© Julia Schoierer

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