Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sneaker Gimmicks by LG

LG’s internal research found that these ‘sneakerheads’ would benefit greatly from a solution that 
not only made their cherished shoes stand out more, but also provided them with the optimal care.
With this eye opening revelation they started working on a product I am not sure the world needs, 
except if you are intending to invest in storage rather than your collection: 
The LG Styler™ ShoeCase and ShoeCare was just introduced at the IFA 2022.
Equipped with the company’s hygiene-enhancing TrueSteam™ technology, LG’s total shoe 
care solution offers a customized shoe management.
LG Styler ShoeCase with transparent panels is a solution for shoe storage and showcasing shoes. 
In addition to creating the ideal environment for storing shoes by protecting against humidity 
and fabric-discoloring UV light,1 the Styler ShoeCase represents a great way for shoe enthusiasts 
to show-off their favorite pairs, offering interior features such as a 360-degree rotating turntable 
and a modular design that makes it possible to stack up to four cases on top of one another.
Also making its debut at IFA, a clothing care solution with steam technology, LG Styler ShoeCare 
employs the company’s proven TrueSteam technology to deliver a ‘refreshing’ shoe management 
It also leverages the Zeo-Dry filter’s absorbent properties of zeolite to soak up moisture and 
help remove smells from footwear, making shoes more pleasant to wear and to have around.
Moreover, the new LG Styler ShoeCare solution optimizes the management of various shoe types, 
including leather, suede and sports footwear, with its 10 different courses.
Depending on the type and fabric of the shoe, it controls its use of TrueSteam to refresh the shoe. 

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