Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Kangaroos x Kish Kash x Sneakerqueen Ultimate *Cherry Maple*

After months of brooding, many discussions, night time calls and countless emails, Kish Kash 
and I are very happy to finally present to you our latest Kangaroos collaboration.
A lot of effort and time went into creating these and I hope you'll love the incredible 
material on these as much as I do.
The biggest props of course have to go to my friend and collaboration partner Kish Kash for 
his patience with my nerdy, sometimes masochistic perfectionism. Thank you for your constant 
positivity whenever I felt like there is no solution. 

Coming from similar inspirations, but quite different approaches to sneaker archiving we 
have employed this unison to display our shared love for nature and high quality materials.
We where inspired by walks on damp forest floors, padded with carpets of moss and fall foliage.
By the sun rippling kaleidoscopic harmonies through the forest canopy, perfuming the air with 
wild cherries and pine.
By the last colourful hurrah of the maple leaves before they return to the earth from whence 
they came.
By the misty mornings and golden hours. 
By the reminder that nature is still the greatest colour coordinator and that the continuous 
seasons may re-connect us to it and it to us.

We hope that you love the rich quality of the materials and the meticulous craftsmanship, 
as much as we do and that you will take them on many hikes - whether it is in the forest or 
the urban jungle.

Working with the team Kangaroos over the past year to represent unity during an era of division 
has been a great privilege, so a big thank you to Adrian, Carla and Kai for their help, 
input and support!!!

Last but not least; lots of respect to the previous collaborators in the series - @bisso97120 
set the bar so high with your respective contributions.

The Kangaroos x Kish Kash x Sneakerqueen Ultimate *Cherry Maple* forms the final part of 
the 'ROOS United' series and will release in a limited run of 400 pairs this Saturday, 
the 23rd of October 2021 at the following retailers:

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