Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Converse Goodies

Thanks you for these beauties:
Converse Chuck Tailor 70's and Converse Cons CT x Fragment Design

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Letzter Aufruf Tegel

Gestern abend habe ich mit meiner Mutter eine besondere Buchvorstellung 
besucht. "Letzter Aufruf Tegel" ist eine Hommage an den tollste Flughafen 
der Welt. Stilecht wurde der Event über den Dächern des Euopa Centers in
der PanAm Lounge ausgerichtet.
Der Flughafen Otto-Lilienthal aka Tegel scheint in jedem Berliner einen 
sentimentalen Nerv zu treffen. Ich habe dort mein ganzes Leben lang meine 
Mama am Lufthansa Schalter besucht und abgeholt. Mit über 40 Jahren 
Berufserfahrung  ist sie einer der am längsten Angestellten im Hauptstad-
flughafen. Umso stolzer bin ich, daß sie für dieses tolle Buch auch ihren Senf
dazu geben durfte.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Thoughts

Västra Design

Anybody who has been with me a minute or two, knows I am a foodie. 
That's where my gift idea for wooden cutting boards with sneaker 
emerged from 3 years ago. 
Yesterday I got a sweet surprise in the mail. Thank you Västra Design 
for the goodies that bring two passions of mine together.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jacob Riis' New York

MOMA has a nice little Jacob Riis collection.

In 1870, when 21-year-old Jacob August Riis immigrated to America from 
Denmark on the steamship Iowa, he rode in steerage with nothing but the 
clothes on his back, 40 borrowed dollars in his pocket, and a locket 
containing a single hair from the girl he loved.

Unable to find a steady job, he worked as a farmhand, ironworker, brick-
layer, carpenter, and salesman, and experienced the worst aspects of 
American urbanism--crime, sickness, squalor--in the low-rent tenements 
and lodging houses that would eventually inspire the young Danish 
immigrant to dedicate himself to improving living conditions for the city’s 
Riis wanted to show the the world the dehumanizing dangers of the 
immigrant neighborhoods he knew all too well. He taught himself 
photography and began taking a camera with him on his nightly rounds 
through the slums of New York. The recent invention of flash photography 
made it possible to document the dark, over-crowded tenements, grim 
saloons and dangerous slums. Riis’s pioneering use of flash photography 
brought to light even the darkest parts of the city. Used in articles, books, 
and lectures, his striking compositions became powerful tools for social 

Friday, October 23, 2015


hosted by JERU THE DAMAJA (NYC) 
German Premiere - Deutschland Premiere 
Screening and Party at HAUS UNGARN

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bodé Expo in Paris

With great excitement to present the first Bode Gallery show of its kind 
in Paris France. Vaughn Bode visited Paris in the mid 70s before his death 
in July of 1975 and loved the city and its people and met and became 
friends with many of the great cartoonists of the time such as Tardi, 
Moebius, and Drulliet. Vaughns’ style of bubble lettering and characters 
became New York City's very first inspiration to the earliest graffiti 
writers on the subway cars that ran in the 70s and 80s in NYC. 
The Bode style has since influenced countless artists in Hip Hop and 
Graffiti culture around the globe and is touted as the very foundation of 
the spray can art movement. 
Mark Bode is the heir to this legacy. His father trained him as a young boy 
to think of the Bode characters as real and the worlds as a place to share 
and visit. Mark has faithfully carried on the family style and finished many 
of the projects Vaughn never got to finish in his short time with us. Mark 
continues to build on the Bode legacy and art in his own right as well as 
continue to build onto the families legacy in comics and art. 

"Le Monde Erotique de Mark Bode et Vaughn Comics pour Graffitis" the 
focus is on the voluptuous and sexual Bode Broads and the characters made 
famous by the Bodes and the street artists they inspire. Many of Vaughns’ 
classic original drawings will be on display as well as his personal sculptures
and memorabilia. 
Mark has done 30 new paintings on canvas and NYC subway maps adorned 
with his and his fathers beloved characters to be seen for the first time at 
the show. 

Also a very special night it will be as the premiere of “THE BOOK OF ME BY 
CHEECH WIZARD” will be released to the public for the first time express 
mailed straight from the printer—a 150 page full color hard cover book 
featuring the complete Cheech Wizard stories by Vaughn, photographs and 
new comics and stories by Mark.   

Opening 24 October 2015 
103 rue Saint-Maur Paris 

Well, here it is…

Today, the Nike Bruin is released by NikeLab. It is accented by a bold red 
swoosh, which is particularly prominent due to the absence of heel tab 
and tongue markings.

Whatever happened here...we don't know

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Terranova, Stereo MC's & Kompakt are launching ‘connected’ 
a label for contemporary electronic soulmusic. 
For this occasion the entity specially created ‘connected 001’, a 
limited edition product package - exclusively available at No74 and 

This limited edition package contains a sweatshirt bearing the label’s 

logo artwork as well as a connected lettering by Berlin-based artist 
Carsten Fock and comes in a run of 100. The package also includes a 
USB stick with an exclusive Terranova Dubversion of ‘connected’ by 
the Stereo MC’s along with a 60 min. DJ Mix

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Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer

After 13 years of work, Charlie Aheardn is finally releasing his documentary 
about Jamel Shabazz.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ladies Night

A night with the most charming bachelorette. We love you Ceyda!

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