Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nike Special Make-Ups: Musik

Nowadays there are hundreds of sneaker collaborations with musician!
Here's a look at some of the first bonds between Nike and music:

Back in 1975, Nike was keen to top Adidas on the track, field, and court
fronts, but a commission from Elton John, in his most prolific period, to
make a apir of multicolored sneakers couldn't be ignored.
Geoff Hollister
equipped him with a curious Roadrunner/Cortez mix, and Elton dedicated
a song in his set to the brand.
Years later it was
placed on eBay by an ex bouncer from a club that had
them on a wall display after a visit by Elton.

After Nike was outfitting Elton and his tour crew in 1980, the sneaker-
musician rollout flourished. Stars like Rod Stewart, Devo and reportedly
Bob Marley, were also honored with a special makeup runner silhouette
around that time.

Aluminum Swoosh Runner for Rod Steward

Nike Elite DEVO SMU - 1980

Nike realized the power of music marketing, but
the Eighties and
Nineties offered a new platform for product placement: Sitcoms!

More about Seinfeld and Home Improvement soon...
Many thanks to Gary Warnett for additional material, info and inspiration

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