Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mi Gente


Photographed entirely in NYC’s famed El Barrio, Spanish Harlem 
from 1985-1990 this marks the first time Joseph Rodriguez has 
exhibited these works in his beloved community. With this deeply 
moving series of photographs he forces us to remember a time 
before today's newfound gentrification, a time before cafes and 
artistic bohemia, a time where poverty, high crime, drugs and a 
fledgling AIDS crisis held a community hostage. 
Rodriguez who beautifully captures the humanity, joy and love of 
his subjects by embedding himself intimately within many families' 
lives and the community affords us an honest testimony of what it 
was like for those who lived through such perilous times.

Curated by Carlos Mare  

The opening of the exhibition will be September 24th 
from 6-9PM at 
Hi-ARTS Gallery space 
located at 304 East 100th st. (6 Train to 96th ). 

Gallery Hours: Wednesdays through Saturdays 1 - 6PM 
The Show will run through November 11th. 
For special viewings please email or call gallery: 
(718)-497-4282  For more information call at 718-407-4282 or 
email at

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