Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nike Running History

Sunday is digging-day fyi

Vintage Nike "TOELESS"
a "one of a kind" prototype test shoe with open toe design,from the Nike factory @ Exeter...

Vintage Nike "Exeter Prototype" crazy proto from Nike @ Exeter NH

Vintage Nike "Marathon Red" well worn...early Japan make

Vintage Nike "Terra TC and Mattel Phylon"
The Nike "Phylon" midsole was discovered while my friend Jeff Sink,was giving his child a bath,
many years ago. He had a bath toy that was made by the Mattel toy company.
It was called Sof-Tuf. He thought it would make for an amazing midsole on a running shoe.
The Nike "Phylon" was born...

Vintage Nike "GOLD LEATHER" Prototype Distance Spike
Expermental spike design combining the old Pre Montreal upper design with added s
upport straps on forefoot, but made on Skylon last.

Vintage Nike "EAGLE"
This is the very first shoe of the production line USA/Exeter.
First use of synthetic leather suede in a production shoe by Nike.
The weight was 5.1 ounces size 9; The Elite was 8.6 ounces

1980. Vintage Nike Pre-Skylon-spikes
A prototype spike with Pre Montreal upper design and Skylon last.
This version had a unique soccer style spike for use in XC racing in mud.
Made @ Nike Exeter U.S.A.

American Eagle Prototype
A Prototype of the American Eagle with open breathable mesh.
Made custom for elite athletes only in Exeter,NH U.S.A.

Vintage Nike" White Mesh Eagle"
An Eagle prototype made with new upper materials for
elite runners preparing for the 1984 Olympic Games.

Vintage Nike "Terra Prototype" Racer
Known as the Norton Trainer. Light weight training shoe made for Japanese marathoner

Toshihiko Seko.
Made by Dan Norton @ Nike Exeter

Vintage 1980 Nike "Custom Zoom D" Steve Ovett
These shoes were worn by Steve Ovett in the 1980 Olympics (800 and 1500)
First shoe to connect the toe tip to the eystay on the laterial side to improve stability
(idea per Ovett) which became a common design feature for nearly all running shoes.

Also,this was the very first Nike shoe to win an Olympic medal (Gold in the 800 by Ovett)

Vintage 1982 Nike "Custom Carl Lewis"
Custom shoes made for Carl Lewis using the first raised toe design.
Carl broke the World record indoor long jump in these shoes on 1/16/82 jumping 28'1"

This pair now resides @ Nike Beaverton.

Nike "NOVA" with Original Munich games bag from 1972.

And my personal favorite:

Open Net Eagle Prototype
An Eagle prototype using mosquito net mesh to reduce weight and improve breath ability
for Benji Durden's 1980 U.S.A. Olympic Marathon Trials.

Made @ Nike Exeter U.S.A.

Pictures by Manny Madole and infos by Swoosh26.2

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