Saturday, February 10, 2024

Nike OTC Meeting 2024 Part 3

Now that you know what the OTC meeting is about, I want to show a bit more what is happening there.
Of course we all meet to share our passion and collections, exchange knowledge and enjoy each 
other's company, but we also have a few activities taking place:

Each year every participant brings some vintage pieces they are willing to let go from their 
collection and they are being raffled. 
This year's raffle once again featured some incredible prizes, for example a pair of baby vintage 
Carmines or an amazing OG Blue Ribbon Sports longsleeve which Nic kindly provided.

Foxtrott Uniform also had a special moment when Mark revealed their first neo vintage collaboration 
with Asics and also raffled a couple of pairs of their X89 to the participants.

Since I seeded a few members of the OTC fam with my family & friends Conductor and many of 
them showed up with their pairs to get them signed.
I felt very honored signing my shoe and other personal items for people whose autograph I should be 
I also brought some memorabilia from my archive to give to the guys, which you will spot in the pictures.
They included a shirt the 3foil crew from Indonesia made for our exhibition in Jakarta in 2017 
and the booklet the Turnschuhzuhälter crew and I produced for our Formaganda exhibiton in 2011.

I already miss everyone and can't wait to return in 2025!

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