Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Archive Room

On Tuesday I spent a wonderful evening with Ernie at the size? x adidas panel talk in the 
saatchi gallery where currently the amazing 'Beyond the Streets' exhibition is being 

We had the pleasure spending a short time almost by ourselves checking out the impressive 
collection and where in awe of the curation and mass of inedible rarities!
Ernie himself exhibited 32 pairs of his Adidas basketball collection, and I felt honored to see 
my SQ Rivalry amongst his selection.

After some last touch ups on his pairs, the displays where sealed and the doors opened.

At the following panel discussion we had the chance to speak about my favorite subject with 
f3lix and DJ Semtex - the socio-cultural background of various sneaker models.

A quick meet with Jason Coles and Thomas Turner was the icing on the cake.

A big thank you to Size? for this great short trip and to everyone who came out even though 
I hardly got to talk to most of my guest. Hope I see you again soon

All pictures after the jump

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