Sunday, February 2, 2020

Nike OTC Meeting 2020

Here are finally all the pictures of this year's OTC Meeting in Shibuya.
This get-together is easily my sneaker highlight of the year, thanks to all 
organizers and participants for making it happen! I had a blast nerding
out over all these vintage gems. My favorite this year might have been the
following 'Made in Japan' MVP Cotton Mesh Hi, but also the Delta Force AC 
Snakeskin, that Tailwind display and those on foot Double Team Hi's!
But also the details on Nike Chrominicles productions amaze me every 
year (check out those soles and the cracked collar on the miniAlohas). 
Plus we got a star visit by Mark aka Mr Sabotage who blessed us with 
remake of the Michael Jordan Rehab Shoe as well as his presence, 
kindness and generosity. 
Unfortunately I had been sick the whole week prior to the meeting and 
wasn't able to stay for dinner afterwards, but next year I am hoping to re-
join also with NicJumiSoniaCyrilDrissHatu and many more for that 
lovely after-party. 
See you in 2021 guys!

All pictures after the jump

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