Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pictures Pictures Pictures from Outerspace

© Julia Schoierer

Featuring more than 700 pairs of pure heat, the Sneaker Expo exhibition
stood in the limelight in the Outerspace area at The Brandery, the
forthcoming Urban Fashion Fair which was held in Barcelona during
July 7th, 8th and 9th.

For the very first time in Europe over 700 historical models of exclusive
sneakers that made history and reflected the ideology of each decade
were displayed in an exhibition, entirely put together by the collectors
Marco Colombo from Milan, Italy, Eddie and David Fauks from Paris,
France, Christian Sachse aka "InBerlin35", Lars Vetter aka "Kelle",
"Tony Toupet" and myself aka "Sneakerqueen" from Berlin, Germany.

Showcasing the cream of the crop from the 70´s till today the exhibition
takes the visitor on a journey through sneaker history with iconic models
from brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, New Balance, Converse, Asics, Vans,
Airwalk, Le Coq Sportive and Diadora.

Rows of wooden crates with glass windows revealed a collection of some of
the most rare and vintage that ever been seen in one place.

"The financial and emotional value of these sneakers is so high that some
of the collectors utterly refused to send their models by conventional mail,
fearing their treasures might get damaged" sais Henrik Kürschner aka
"Artoo", the creative director and Vans contributor of the exhibition.

Definite highlights of the showcase where 70´s running models with special
make-ups, original Jordan 1 Metallics , KO´s and prototypes, Adidas
Superstars, Ewings and artists series like the Run DMC El Dorado, skateboard
sneakers from the 80s in incredible conditions and mostly with their original
boxes as well as various sought after and hyped models from different
collaborations after 2000.

The Sneaker Expo in Outerspace was undoubtedly one of the most exclusive
areas at The Brandery, Barcelona 2009

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