Friday, September 4, 2009

Just launched

the new Cazal website...

Hot Thang

I love Double Goose, but just like it is with most stuff from the 80´s, only
the original is the real deal.
Wearing only a wivebeater underneath an
original Goose in the middle of the winter then again, is no deal at all.
Nothing can really make up for high quality manufacturing.

Now the long awaited
is here.
Like they say, better too late, than never.

Flaek is here

If you want to see what it is all about, check this.
Or go to the exhibition
Schwörsaal der Stadt Ravensburg


Come and join me to the premiere of "Fixed city" tonight at 9pm
at the Sputnik in Berlin Kreuzberg.

fixed city | Trailer [subtitled] from fixed city on Vimeo.

fixed city | BERLIN PREMIERE from fixed city on Vimeo.

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